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About Me.

I'm committed to enriching lives through UX Research and Product/Service Design. With a multidisciplinary background in HCI, industrial design, visual communication, and computer engineering, I bring a distinctive perspective to identifying the right problems, conducting systematic problem-solving, rigorous research, and crafting user-centered solutions. My approach is both detail-oriented and holistic, driven by a passion for surpassing expectations.

The University of British Columbia (UBC)

MASc, Computer Engineering

Area Focus: Human Computer Interaction

University of Alberta (UofA)

MDes, Visual Communication Design

Alzahra University

MFA, Industrial Design


My Multidisciplinary Background Strengths

Systematic Thinking in Problem Solving

I approach project design with a holistic and systematic mindset, tackling complex issues effectively.

Innovative Research Approach

My interdisciplinary experience fosters unconventional research methods that merge creativity with HCI-backed techniques.

Empathy-Driven Design Solutions

Using techniques for empathy, I ensure that design solutions resonate with users' needs and emotions, resulting in higher adoptability and quality of use.

Effective Communication and Collaboration

Fine arts training equips me with strong visual communication skills, ensuring clear conveyance of research findings, design concepts, and user journeys to all stakeholders. My diverse background enhances collaboration with developers and designers.

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