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Critical Design campaign

Designing a Campaign to Promote Critical Thinking in Social Media Usage

Project Brief

This critical design project aimed to raise awareness about the harmful effects of social media, targeting university students as the audience. The project utilized posters and pins to visually represent the impact of social media on our lives and encouraged audiences to think critically about their usage and be part of this campaign by sharing its message.


The Double Diamond design thinking model was employed to design the research process. The project began with literature reviews on social issues, internet dependency, its effects on young generations, as well as critical thinking research.


I used two posters and button pins as the vehicle of this campaign. They were placed in public places such as the HUB and Central Academic Building at the University of Alberta. A sheet for self-reflection and pens were also included, where the audience was asked to think about their social media usage and reflect on how much time they invest daily on social media. The pins were there for those who wanted to support the campaign.

The behavior of people passing the posters was observed, and their interactions and reactions to the campaign materials were recorded.


The campaign received more than 100 responses within two days of poster installations in public places. All buttons were picked to support the idea of being conscious of the number of minutes spent on social media. The feedback received showed that the project was successful in conveying meaning, raising awareness, and grabbing university students' attention to such issues.

Observation of Audiences' Reactions - Spread of the Message by Students

Fine Arts Biulding Gallery Presentation - University of Alberta

Campaign Poster 1

Campaign Poster 2

Installation of Campaign materials - Pin board at the Central Academic Building at the University of Alberta.

Observation of Audiences' Reactions

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