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Enhancing ATM Experiences:
Redesigning User-Friendly Services

Type of project: Solo project

Duration: 12 months

My role: Led, designed, and conducted the end to end of the project

Project Brief

The problem addressed in this human-centered study was the lack of consideration for people with special needs, particularly older adults, in the design of ATM machines in Iran. Additionally, there was a lack of research focusing on the financial challenges faced by older adults in relation to banking services. I aim to explore and understand the usability and accessibility issues of ATMs for older adults and shed light on the under-investigated financial aspects of banking services in this context.


​I applied Research Through Design principles to uncover the needs of older adults:

  • utilized a cultural probe kit and conducted behavioral observations.

  • conducted follow-up interviews with 9 participants. 


Analyzed the data using an affinity diagram.



The outcome of the project was a list of policies and strategies as well as a service design prototype that banks in Iran could consider to design better services for older adults. The study provided insight into the real-life experiences of seniors and their interactions with ATMs, which were used to design an ATM utilization assistance service that was active from the moment they received their card until they finished their interactions with the ATM.


The study resulted in redesigned ATMs that were more user-friendly for the elderly in Iran, leading to valuable and pleasant experiences.

The Designed Cultural Probe Kit for this Research

The Materials Included in Cultural Pakage of this Study 

Capturing User Experiences - A Photography Activity to Explore Electronic Device Challenges

Sharing Research Findings - Poster Presentation at the 47th Canadian Association of Gerontologists Conference

Designing for Feedback - Using Low-Fidelity Prototypes to Spark Discussion and Refine Design Services

Visualizing the Designed Service: A Big Picture Perspective with Elements Needed in Each Part of the Service

Service Prototype: A Video Demonstration of my Suggested Redesigned ATM Service

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