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Parallel Lines

Designing a Feedback App that Enables Citizens to Share their Problems

Type of project: Solo project

Duration: 1 week

My role: Led, designed, and conducted the end to end of the project

Project Brief

The City of Belmora aims to improve citizen engagement and gather high-quality feedback to enhance its services. However, the existing feedback system lacks transparency, usability, accessibility, and inclusivity, leading to limited citizen participation. Additionally, staff members struggle to efficiently process and analyze the feedback received, hindering their ability to make impactful improvements.


To address these challenges, the design concept focuses on creating a user-friendly feedback app that encourages citizens to provide constructive feedback easily. The approach emphasizes transparency, inclusivity, and a positive user experience to foster active citizen participation.

I conducted usability testing to get users feedback  and improve the design.


  1. Transparency and User Value: The app provides clear information about the feedback process, showcasing how user input contributes to service improvements. It shares success stories of how feedback has led to positive changes, emphasizing the value of citizens' contributions.

  2. Accessibility and Inclusivity: The app prioritizes inclusivity by incorporating accessibility features, visual cues, and a warm, approachable tone. A prominent pop-up notification at the beginning aids users with special needs, ensuring a comfortable experience for all.

  3. Privacy and Trust: A dedicated privacy section assures users that their information will be confidentially handled. Users can choose between anonymous or identified feedback, promoting transparency and user autonomy.

  4. Thorough Feedback Collection: The app uses a set of 5WH questions and scales to gather comprehensive feedback on different aspects of services. Users can attach files relevant to their feedback, enhancing data completeness and accuracy.

  5. User Engagement and Updates: The app facilitates user engagement by allowing them to easily navigate services, rate their satisfaction with emojis and scales, and provide detailed feedback. Users can choose notification preferences to stay updated on feedback progress.

  6. Appreciation and Recognition: The app starts with a note of appreciation, thanking users for their valuable time and feedback. It offers different recognition options to show the significance of users' contributions to improving services.

  7. Unique Tracking Number: Each user receives a unique tracking number to follow up on their feedback. The app generates the number based on the submission type (identified or anonymous) and date, ensuring efficient tracking.

  8. Anonymity Option: The app offers users the choice to submit feedback anonymously if they prefer not to share personal information. This inclusivity ensures that citizens who may be hesitant to disclose their identity can still provide valuable feedback with privacy.

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