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Play ground for Game: City of Edmonton 

There are some landmarks and users can drow more based on their experiences 

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Game Design:

Self-experience Pixel Map


When people go to new places for living or studying they face a wide range of new experiences.

Self-expression would help people to have a better transition to a new place. So, this pixel map game designed to help them to be more aware of themselves.

The principal applicant of this game is to help
Individuals to learn more about their feelings, thoughts, and experiences by mounting pixels daily on the map. It will help them to be aware of their emotions as well as understand the types of events that affect their moods. As a result, users of this game will observe which experiences in which places in the city enabled them to feel better or worse.

This map help its users to visualize intangible experiences and feelings in a new city.

The Process of the Game

Users of this game will be given a map of their new place as well as sets of emotions pixels. The map will be placed on the wall; after each event, the player will add pixels to the map in a relevant position.

Gradually map will fill with different colors of pixels. 

The Outcome

If the overall look of the map will be gray will show things are not going correctly and the person is not experiencing and feeling good.

If the overall map becomes orange, it means that player was happy at that specific period.

As a result, it will show the fluctuation of people's feels during different months in different places.

In addition, traveling around the city has some challenges, for example, as Edmonton has cold weather, commuting in winter sessions is very difficult. So, it will help them to leave closer to the places they feel happier.​​​​

Pixels ready for cut and pased on the map. For daily experiences. This game has different type of experiences: Painful, Pleasant and Neutral.

Package: Containers of each package

Filled map after 4 months of being in Edmonton by same player

Filled map after a month of being in Edmonton by a player

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