FAB Gallery Presentation - University of Alberta

Spread of the idea by student - University of Alberta

Capturing audience reactions-CAB Building University of Alberta

Interacting with audiences in public places to have their thoughts and supports- University of Alberta​

Critical Design Project 

Design the Prisoners of The Net campaign

This critical design project was about the harmful effects of social media. Statistics show there is an ever-increasing in using social media apps and dependency on them. University students are the target group of this campaign.

Research Process
The double Diamond model used to design the research process. Started with literature reviews in social issues, internet dependency, its effects on young generations as well as critical thinking research.

(For the purpose of clear explanation, stuck illustrations were used for figures in the poster)

Media of the Campaign Design
Two posters and 40 pins were designed as the vehicle of this campaign. Posters and buttons were placed in public places, such as HUB and Central Academic Building at the University of Alberta.​​​

The Outcome
More than 100 responses were received within two days of poster installations in public places. All buttons were picked to support the idea of being conscious of the number of minutes on social media. The received feedback showed it was successful regarding conveying meaning, raising awareness and grabbing university students' attention to such issues. 

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