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Qualitative research method helped to better understand users 

Service Design for Older Adults 

Suggested service for providing a better experience, easier and pleasurable interactions with ATM machines in Iran 


In 2013, the scenario for ATMs is not useful for the elderly in Iran; Senior citizens weren’t familiar with technological devices. Based on researches, inspirations, and findings achieved by the “cultural probe” kit, an ATM utilization assistance service was designed for the elderly that starts its operation since the moment the card is received by them from a bank and is active until finishing interactions with an ATM. 

These suggestions were ranged from redesigning  ATM's appearance, environment, software, interactions, and even its hardware.

For providing such a service, a paper prototype designed and test with some of the target group participants.






















The Outcome

The outcome of this project was a list of policy and strategies which should be considered by banks for designing better services which lead to valuable and pleasant experiences for older adults in Iran. 












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ATMs Service

A low-fidelity prototype to open discussion and give feedback for design services

The big picture of the designed service

A video made to show the process of the service and redesign of ATMs and services around that