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For the empathize phase in our design thinking process, we used digital probes before conducting interviews with participants. All the photos taken by participants related to their daily assisting tools. 

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Defined Personas for having better perception of the target group

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A paper made a version of the service developed. participants started a role-playing game. during the game researcher and participants have more time about different aspects of the service. Such activity making conversations more meaningful and enjoyable.

Service Design Project 

A Platform for Sharing assisting devices for people with physical disabilities

A group project (2 designers)

This project has done with cooperation with Baavar Association in Iran


One of the best ways to help with special needs is by providing situations that they can experience independent living. According to our research in Iran, most of the people with physical disabilities have limited access to assisting devices.

The main reason includes

  • Not being aware of existing products in the market due to physical obstacles to go around the city and lack of government support for people with disabilities. 

  • Products are expensive and costly which are more than individuals budgets

purpose of the project

Designing a service for people with physical disabilities in order to 

  1. Promote their awareness of product and services which are available

  2. Provide an opportunity for a connection between people with disability, engineer and sponsor through our service

The Outcome

A service designed based on the users' sharing platform.

The platform facilitates the interactions between people with disabilities, sponsors, product producers, and who would like to donate from their skills by helping people with disabilities to fix or repair their assistive tools. 

Some Details of the Services

on the Platform
1-Sharing information about existing products with the list of producers, prices, and detail about features

2-Connect possibility sponsors with people need supports. This service provides a unique opportunity for people or company that love to help others. If somebody needs to buy a wheelchair, sponsors and volenteer can pay the product directly via the platform.

3- The opportunity to order new devices which do not exist for product designers or for traders to buy them from other countries.


4- Sending a daily news of problems to find a person who can solve them without costs,

such as a volunteer.

5-Sharing not being used devices when someone does not need specific assistant tools anymore.

6-A good place for those who want to be a helping hand for others with their abilities and skills.