In 2012, during my studies about the elderly and in my interactions with them, I understand that while taking pills is inevitable in old ages, it is an annoying task and in many cases failing to take the pills in time or accidentally taking more than the required dose can cause serious problems. 

Concept Design

“EaBox” (Easy Box) is designed to alleviate the effects of the problems elderly people often encounter. Such as reduced ability in differentiating colors, weakened sight, and weakened tactile sensitivity. Special measures have been taken in designing it. These measures include using appropriate graphical elements, high color contrast, proper grip, easy method of use, and semi-automatic performance.

A low fidelity prototype of the product was made and tested with senior citizens to have their feedback and test the product's usability.


In 2011, in a group project, we designed a dryer for small homes. 

























In 2009, I designed two products:

1- For the Noruze tradition, many Iranian buy fish as part of the . This harms the ecosystem and causes lots of death of such fishespractice. I designed and made an environmentally friendly fish!

2- The second one was a mouse cover!